Homework 1

– Fill out remaining questions on the class Google Doc, accessed here.

– Dropbox invitation and download – you will be receiving an invite to the class Dropbox folder. The material in Dropbox is not read only. Please don’t remove or modify it so that everyone in class can receive the full benefit of the materials.

– Log onto the NYU Virtual Lab and access Matlab. You can learn how to access the Virtual Lab and troubleshoot here. You do not need to do anything once in Matlab – we will be taking care of this step on Friday, February 1st in recitation.

– Articles to read:

Section 2.1: A Geometric Way of Thinking from Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos (in the Dropbox)

Section 1 from MATLAB Primer

There are also a variety of Mathworks-made students tutorials available here.

Due Friday, February 1st