Cooking – I became a vegetarian in High School after doing a research project on the health benefits of a non-animal based diet. I transitioned to veganism in college, and stayed a vegan for about 7 years. I have finally settled into a diet that I think is the most efficient for my health and llifestyle: no dairy (I have been lactose intolerant since puberty), no red meat, no strong spices, lots of chicken, turkey, vegetables, fruits and nuts. I don’t deprive myself of sweets and love baking.


Comics – My mom is a hard-core comic nerd from the Silver and Bronze ages. She gave me a stack of Mad Magazines from the 60s (when it was still 25 cents, cheap!) in Middle School. Later I discovered all of her Little Lulu’s and Howard the Ducks. When I was ready, she handed down to me her precious original Dark Knights and Superman vs. Muhammad Ali. I haven’t looked back. My comic shop is Carmine Street Comics – great guys, everyone should go there. My current pull list includes All-New X-Men, Uncanny Avengers, Batman Inc, Batman, Detective Comics, Wolverine Max, Jupiter’s Legacy, Kick Ass 3,  Prophet, Saga, and American Vampire. I’ve been attending New York Comic Con for 4 years now!


Music – I sing, play trumpet, french horn and drums. I was in the gypsy-punk band Dostoevsky’s Pistols in Graduate School and the ska band Three Inches of Glory as an undergraduate. My husband, friends and I are always looking for new music collaborations.


Doctor Who – I’m obsessed.

Legos – My husband and I have a large collection of Legos decorating the house. Pictures to come.

Margot – Our dog, the wonderful Weimaraner-Basenji Mix. You can follow her daily duties on Twitter. Here are some old pictures of her as a pup.