Homework 2

Part 1: Due Friday, February 8th at 12:30pm.

  • Complete Part One of The Shuttle Problem Module . Write this up neatly with a list of all labeled variables and other important quantities from the problem.
  • Read Mathematical Model for a Mission to Mars . Neatly write/type up the following : Identify the problem they are solving – Make a list of all variables and other important quantities contributing to the model – Identify and describe the equations that make up the model.
  • Review Projectile_Path_setup.m from recitation on 2/1/13. Finish the file Projectile_Path_student.m to be used with Projectile_Path_setup.m. Instructions are in the file. Remember to not just modify the problem in Dropbox – make your own personal file to be submitted on Friday. Please email me this m file for submission.

Part 2: Due Monday, February 11th at 12pm

  • Look through papers posted in Articles section of Intro to Math Modeling Dropbox folder. Investigate some of the Journals I have listed in the Papers and Resources section of the site. Pick 2 papers of interest and write a brief description of their contents and your interest in the topic – around a paragraph per paper. You will be using one of these papers for your first project, so make sure you choose something you actually want to work on. Please type this and email me with the citation of the paper that you have chosen.